Self-Care During Quarantine

Self-care during quarantine
Self-care during quarantine

Social Distancing…. How are you coping?

Here, at Hummingcup Tea we were wondering how you are all doing? These are unprecedented times and we are all having to learn new coping mechanisms for our new way of life. Here are a few ideas for ways to help you cope.



Most of the time we are so busy with daily life we do minimal self-care if any at all. Now is the time to step it up a notch. We are all working through a trauma and it is important that you give you mind and body time to reflect on what is actually going on. This is one of the most important things to do to come out of this with good mental health. 



However you are feeling right now, share these feelings with someone, anyone, that you know you can trust. A problem shared is a problem halved and this has never been truer. Yes, we are having to self-isolate, but we are so lucky to have so many ways now to keep in touch and so not feel quite so isolated. Call, email, text your loved ones as much as you need to.



A great way to find time to reflect is to journal your day. It gives you a chance to express your feelings creatively through writing or art and release tension and stress that could be building up. Journal the day away.



It’s easy to forget to be kind to yourself. Use positive self-talk. Give yourself permission to have bad days, to have productive days or to have good days. They are all OK. Talk to yourself with love and kindness.



I can’t stress this enough because it really can be the difference between getting through this pandemic with good mental health or poor. Please do not watch too much news or go on social media too much. Our brains soak up whatever we choose to feed it, so feed it with positivity. Focus it on the good around you. Distract it with goals and activities or even rest. Its important to stay up to date with information but this can be done swiftly with one short catch up of the news. Its tough we know but it’s a must.



Exercise, exercise, exercise!! Your body will love you for it and your mind will too. This can be anything from a spot of gardening to a long walk or even a run. Whatever you like but try not to get into a sedentary way of life during social distancing. It’s very easy to do if you don’t give it some thought.



Get as much vitamins as you can from choosing a healthy diet of fresh or frozen vegetables, organic fruits and berries. If this is difficult for you then consider a vitamin supplement (but consult your wellness practitioner first).



Keep drinking water and green tea because it removes toxins from your body and hydrates it too. Green tea contains less caffeine and promotes stress reduction and chamomile tea helps reduce cold symptoms, promotes relaxation and sleep.


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