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Premium Organic Tea Collection

Experience gourmet organic tea with our handcrafted, signature blends and full loose-leaf teas conveniently packaged in biodegradable tea pyramids. Our wide selection of organic artisan tea offers a rich flavor and aroma, and countless health benefits with every cup.

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Customer reviews

The BEST Earl Grey I Ever Had!

I drink a LOT of tea. Several cups a day. I am very picky about my tea and order from varies places. I rarely buy tea from the grocery store, because I am always disappointed. With that said, from now on, this is the only brand of Earl Grey I will be buying, even my husband agrees. He now drinks a cup every morning before he heads into work. The bergamot is just the right amount. The tea is not bitter tasting, but smooth and appealing to my tongue. I can reuse the tea bag for a second cup and it is just a potent. If you like earl grey or even if you normally do not, you should give Humming Cups Earl Grey a try. You will not regret it. Kayla Chalmers