Organic Strawberry Green Loose Leaf Tea


2 OZ of loose leaf tea. Makes about 12 servings of 8 OZ tea.

Character: If you love a fresh, crisp tea, our Strawberry Green will be your new favorite. This blend features exotic Sencha tea and bits of delicious organic papaya and strawberry. It is perfect with desserts, but also makes a refreshing iced tea for summer parties.

Ingredients: Premium exotic blend of organic green Sencha tea from Hunan Provence of China made to Japanese specifications, organic papaya and organic strawberry pieces with other natural flavors.

Caffeine: Low.

Antioxidant level: High.

Steeping Instructions: Heat purified or spring water to 194 F. Add 1 heaping spoon of tea per 8 oz of water. Steep 2-3 minutes.

Organic Strawberry Green Loose Leaf Tea 2 OZ


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