Humming Cup Premium Organic Tea offers only the finest responsibly-sourced and sustainable specialty teas from across the globe.


When you choose Humming Cup, you’re choosing better health, and to enjoy tea the way it’s supposed to be: without harmful pesticides and artificial additives, and with an abundance of nutrients and antioxidants that nourish your body. 


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Shop specialty teas from across the globe. Humming Cup offers only the finest organic, responsibly-sourced and sustainable teas available on the market.

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"The tea is delicious and has a very smooth taste. I look forward to making it everyday. I appreciate so many things about the tea - the company’s mission, that it’s organic, the beautiful packaging, the biodegradable tea pyramids and the friendly “goes well with” information for the novice tea drinker." - Maggie, Austin, TX.

"The service was prompt and I was very impressed. I placed my order and was so surprised to receive it the very next day. My order was for a gift so I was very pleased to receive it so quickly. The owner included such a nice note with the tea. It was a really pleasant experience. Highly recommend"- Vicki, Austin, TX.

"Very clean full flavors, much lower astringency than I've typically found in many teas. The strawberry green and wild blueberry are AMAZING, with a balanced caffeine, no jitters. Convenient pyramids that have enough tea inside to create full bodied flavor, they don't skimp :) Highly recommend." - Kyle F, Austin, TX.

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