How to Make Tea

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How to Make Tea
How to Make Tea

Brewing tea is a simple process, but if not followed correctly, it can alter the taste of even the best and most expensive tea.


Choose a Good Quality Tea.

It's very important to choose a good quality loose leaf tea or a tea packaged in tea sachets. Loose leaf tea allows you to enjoy the full flavor and all health benefits of tea. Regular tea bags sold in most stores contain the lowest tea grade called "tea dust". At Humming Cup we are very proud to serve only 100% organic teas. Our teas do not contain any pesticides that can harm your health. Chemicals from pesticides have been shown to cause neurological damage, can harm the reproductive system, and can lead to cancer. 


Boil Purified Water.

The tea is brewed in the water, right? Therefore it's important to choose the water that would not interfere with the taste of tea. The water should not contain a very high amount of chlorine, unless that's what you want to taste in your tea. The best water for brewing your cup of tea should be a spring or filtered water. 


Follow Tea Brewing Temperature Chart

You already know that you should boil water for steeping tea. But do you know that your water should be a particular temperature for the specific type of tea? 

The best way choose the right temperature is to check the label of the tea that you are planning to drink. If you can't find the necessary information, here is the basic guidance for brewing most popular teas.

Steeping time depends on the type of particular tea. But my advice would be to experiment and find your perfect tea strength. The rule of thumb is the longer you steep your tea, the stronger it becomes.


Tea Brewing Temperature Chart

Variety  Temperature Steeping Time
 Black Tea 195-212F (92-100C)  2-5 minutes
Pu-Erh 195-212F (92-100C) 30 sec-1 minute
Oolong Tea 180-190F (82-88C) 2 minutes 
Green Tea 165-175F (74-80C) 1-2 minutes
White Tea 175-185F (80-85C) 2-3 minutes 
Herbal Tea 195-212 F (92-100C) 3-5 minutes

Choose the Right Amount of Tea.

Humming Cup Teas are conveniently packaged in single serve tea sachets. In order to make a great cup of tea you should put one tea sachets in a cup and add about 8 ounces of water.  After steeping you should remove your tea sachets to prevent a bitter taste. Our high-quality tea can be steeped up to three times.


Add Milk, Lemon, Mint, or Sweeteners


The best thing about loose leaf tea is that you can control the taste of your tea. You can add milk to your black tea if you want to enjoy your cup British style. Note that you cannot mix milk and lemon. The acidity of lemon will react with milk.

You can add honey, agave syrup, stevia or another sweeteners to any tea to make it taste even better. The possibilities are amazing, so don't be afraid to experiment.


So, whether you are on the path toward good health or just want to have a relaxing, enjoyable moment, get your favorite cup now and brew some tea.

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