Jasmine Gold Dragon Green Tea


12 organic tea pyramids.

Character: This seasonal small-batch crafted, non-fermented premium Gold Dragon green tea is infused with May jasmine flowers. The tea can be infused up to three times, yielding an amazing bright emerald liqueur. It pairs well with spicy food, meat and poultry, and is great for making healthy ice tea.

Ingredients: Organic Gold Dragon green tea from the Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces in China.

Caffeine: Low.

Antioxidant Level: Very high.

Steeping Instructions: Heat purified or spring water to 180 F (82 C). Add 1 tea pyramid per 8 oz of water. Steep 2-3 minutes. After steeping remove the tea to prevent bitter taste.


Organic Jasmine Gold Dragon 12 tea pyramids


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5 Star Review on Google

"The Jasmine Gold Dragon Green Tea is delicious and a great way to start the day. The tea pyramids give you that premium experience (and as another reviewer rightly said they pack in those whole leaves) while the 12-pyramids-to-a-pack packaging reduces waste. Other pluses include: the tea is USDA Organic and it's a woman-owned-small business in the great state of Texas. Looking forward to trying other flavors soon!" -Eric Liu.

Comments: 4
  • #4

    Jen (Wednesday, 07 August 2019 16:59)

    Very delicate and light green tea. A great choice for before bedtime.

  • #3

    Meghan (Tuesday, 09 October 2018 13:49)

    A beautiful, delicate green tea. A perfect choice for an afternoon cup of tea. Love the floral notes!

  • #2

    Jenifer (Friday, 05 October 2018 13:46)

    Mmm...mmm! This is a delicious green tea with an unending jasmine floral note floating through! It’s becoming my favorite Jasmine Green! Thank you, HummingCup! Such a lovely tea!!!

  • #1

    Erica (Thursday, 20 September 2018 18:24)

    This is by far my favorite tea! It is so delicious and mellow! I love the subtle floral notes that accentuate the delicate green tea flavor.