Artisan's Gift Box

Support small businesses and send Artisan's Gift Box to your friends and loved ones for Mother's Day.

Artisan's Gift Box


Our beautiful Artisan's Gift Box was created by women for women. 

The Box Includes:

  • 1 bag of delicious organic Strawberry Green Green Tea (12 tea sachets)
  • Earrings by KJohnson Jewelry
  • Handmade eco-friendly soy candle by GRoseCandleCo 
  • Free Bohemian multilayer bracelet. Designs may vary.
Self-Care Gift Box


  • Limited Availability
  • Delivery in 5-8 days1


Jazeera Aitzhanova, founder Humming Cup Premium Organic Tea
Jazeera Aitzhanova, founder Humming Cup Premium Organic Tea


To be responsible and sustainable is what identifies my company. We work only with reliable sources of tea. The high quality of our tea promotes health without the harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers. And we always seek opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and pollution.


Kylee Johnson, founder Johnson Jewelry
Kylee Johnson, founder Johnson Jewelry


Kaylee Johnson, founder KJohnson Jewelry. 

"You will notice a difference between KJJ and other retailers, and that's because we truly operate from a "family first" mentality, not just in word, but in action. "

Genevieve Purifoy, founder GRose Candle Co
Genevieve Purifoy, founder GRose Candle Co


Genevieve Purifoy, founder of GRose Candle CO.

"What we stand for is so important! Eco-friendly materials and ingredients with recyclable boxes and packing paper! Reducing our carbon footprint right from the start".


Hear what others say about us:

Goodness in a Cup!

This tea is delicious and it seems to me every aspect of this product was chosen with careful thought and consideration. It is organic and eco-friendly, it's not in a tea bag but in a tea pyramid, it's high quality and with every purchase there is a donation to charity. Everything thing about this tea is good which in turn makes ME feel good. It truly makes a cup of feel-good goodness! Kate Carr

High quality organic tea

I didn't realize the benefits of drinking organic tea until I was introduced to Humming Cup. I didn't realize what I was ingesting with non-organic teas. I was steeping non-organic options and all their impurities into hot water and drinking it. I drink tea for its health and purity. I get those benefits with Humming Cup. I highly recommend it. Lance Mc.