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Tea and Self-Care Monthly Subscription Box

Discover new delightful flavors of tea and beautiful self-care products, and receive your favorites directly to your doorstep.

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For just $64 you will get 2 full-size bags of your favorite organic tea and 1 amazing self-care product

Receive your favorite teas and practice self-care without going to the store. Skip months or cancel anytime

What's Inside Your First Month Self-Care Box

Enjoy two full-size bags of organic tea (24+ cups) and rejuvinate with Lei Care natural jade face massager.

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    Sommer (Saturday, 26 September 2020 15:08)

    We love our monthly tea box. It is a great reminder to slow down and have some tea every day. We love chamomile and early grey in our box every month as well as some wild blueberry black tea every now and then. Jazeera is helpful and friendly and the combination of beautiful tea and wonderful customer experience makes our HummingCup box a joy to receive and to give.

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