Visiting Kaua'i

In 2017 I had a privilege to visit Kaua'i. I think that Kauaii is the most beautiful island in Hawaii.


Kaua'i has an amazing terroir: volcanic soil, full of minerals and nutrients, and an abundance of rains. All of this contributes to the creation of remarkable plantations that produce amazing tea.


When I travel I always look for new places to enjoy a great cup of tea. 


I was grateful to meet Michelle Rose, the owner of Cloudwater Tea Farm. At her farm Michelle grows Assamica black, green tea, Wulong and Wai Lani white tea. I will never forget the amazing taste and aroma of Kauai’s tea!


On the last day my stay on the island, I found another treasure - a newly opened tea room: The Tea Room At the Gallery. Judith Palmer, chef and the owner of the tea room surprides me and my guests with local and imported teas, and amazing freshly baked goods. If you have a chance, visit Kaua'i, gorgeous island surrounded by ocean, stunning views, and delicious tea.


Aloha Kaua'i!

Jazeera Aitzhanova 

Tea snob & traveler

Founder of Humming Cup Premium Organic Tea

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