Loose Leaf Tea, Sachets or Tea Bags?

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Are you familiar with the differences between loose leaf tea and traditional tea bags?  You'll discover the difference immediately with a quick taste-test.


Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags.

Loose leaf tea consists mostly of whole, unbroken tea leaves that retain all essential oils and aroma. Regular tea bags that fill the shelves of most stores contain the lowest grade of broken tea also called "tea dust".


The material, shape, and size of the bags themselves are also important factors. When loose leaves are steeped, their natural flavors and multitude of nutrients are extracted. Most commercial tea bags constrain the tea leaves, keeping them from expanding to their full flavor and aroma potential.


Our loose leaf tea is packaged loose in tea sachets that help preserve freshness and flavor.  Many of these teas are also produced seasonally in small quantities in an artisan method that involves hand-picking and hand-sorting quality tea leaves. Brewing tea in its loose leaf form allows the water to infuse every sip of a high-quality, whole leaf tea, maximizing freshest and rich flavors.


Biodegradable Tea Pyramids.

The commercial tea bag is a modern invention designed to make tea drinking easy and convenient. Unfortunately, this method breaks the tea leaf, therefore the tea packaged in tea bags lose flavor and almost all health benefits. Humming Cup tea is packaged in commercially biodegradable sachets that give you the convenience of brewing loose leaf tea without using infusers and allows you to experience the highest quality, flavor and all the health benefits of amazing tea. 


See for yourself, the difference between tea bag and loose leaf leaves packaged in tea sachets. 

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